I enjoy the security of living on the coast without having to worry about storms. Energy conservation is also a great benefit.
The price difference between a traditionally built home is more than made up for in insurance costs. I live in a high-risk hurricane zone and m y homeowner’s insurance dropped from $6,000 to $700. I don’t need wind coverage insurance now, and I have a safe room. My power bill is less than $200 per month for a 4400 square foot home. Gulf Coast Poured Concrete Walls has a great crew, they are conscientious.

Through my research I have found that poured concrete to be superior to all other types of framing, especially wood and steel framing, as well as concrete block.

-Drexel Boothe

We lost our 100 year old wooden home to Katrina in 2005. Gulf Coast Poured Concrete Walls is an excellent product and produces a solid home. Our home is quiet, and has a great solid structure. Gulf Coast Poured Concrete Walls worked with us to get it the way we want it. I think the solidness of our home you can’t find anywhere else.

I knew what I wanted …in concrete homes building Hess uses a unique system. We have a very environmentally-friendly home, with the roof made out of recycled automobile tires.
Our HVAC bill has never been over $200, and we have a 4,000 sq. foot home. We also saved a lot on home-owner’s insurance.

You can’t put a price on peace of mind. Hess is an outstanding contractor, honest and thorough. He was on point in every stage of the construction process.

-Pat Keene

The maintenance is great, no need to worry about things like termites. The final cost of concrete walls is maybe 10%-15% more, it’s well worth it. I can’t even hear when the wind blows. Gulf Coast Poured Concrete Walls could basically do anything you could do with a house with regular stick built home (wooden framing) and customize your home to your needs. I save $1800 a month on homeowner’s insurance. My insurance company gave me a great discount because of the way my home was built.

I would highly recommend Gulf Coast Poured Concrete Walls. No matter where you build, there are great benefits to building a home built on poured concrete. You don’t have to worry about mold, rot or termites.

-Frank Faulstich

Simply peace of mind. It’s a decrease in homeowner’s insurance.

A home is a huge investment, and the choice of foundation protects that investment. Gulf Coast Poured Concrete Walls made the process very easy and they were very accommodating. Not only do I get a savings on my homeowner’s insurance, but also the insulation reduces the power bill. Insurance companies reward homeowners with savings on their insurance for building a secure home.

There’s no better foundation to build a home on other than poured concrete. The ability to put the rebar in the frame of your house and the strappings that are nailed and screwed into the concrete makes a big difference, especially if you live near the water. A home is a huge investment, and the choice of foundation protects that investment. It’s just a no-brainer, when you look long-term.

-Zandra Wright