Gulf Coast Poured Concrete walls uses solid, poured concrete construction- the strongest foundation known to homebuilders – to make homes hurricane resistant. The ability to withstand 200 mph winds is definitely a plus for a homeowner for several reasons. Homeowner’s insurance companies give the lowest premiums to homeowners that build with poured concrete. GCPCW uses a high strength rebar that reinforces the concrete, making it better built than any other method. Wooden framing, steel framing, and concrete blocks are tantamount to poured concrete cost-benefits. There’s no other foundation that reaps the benefits that a home built with solid rock construction provides:

1. Safety. Protect you and your family from hurricanes, tornados, and fires. Even a flying missile cannot penetrate a concrete core wall built by GCPCW at speeds of 200 mph, according to the Flying Missile Protection University of Texas Results.

2. “Peace of mind.” This remains to be the biggest benefit to our customers. After all is said and done in the building process, they know they have done everything possible to protect their loved ones and their home. GCPCW takes pride in knowing that not only did they make it possible, but made it affordable.

3. Maintenance Free. No mold, no rot or decay, and no termites.

4. Lower cost reduces power bills. The foam control insulation cuts a power bill down by almost half compared to that of an equivalent traditionally built home. Along with great insulation also comes peace and quiet and privacy.


5. Lower insurance policies. The water tightness guarantee, fire protection and hurricane resistance adds up to extremely lower insurance premiums, just for choosing GCPCW as your construction company.

6. Lifelong stability. GCPCW builds homes that have the longest life cycle of any other structural design. Your home will stand safely for hundreds of years to come.

7. Get comfortable. The thermal mass effect of homes built with concrete walls makes rooms cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, making life in general more comfortable for you and your family.

8. Flexibility. The sky is the limit. Dreaming of a high ceiling for your kitchen, or a huge square footage for a pool room? GCPCW offers flexibility and customization focused on customers’ needs, using advantages that only poured concrete can provide to build a home around your needs.