1. How is the construction method of Gulf Coast Poured Concrete Walls different from other construction methods?

Wood frame, steel frame and concrete block walls are “Hollow Wall” systems consisting of several pieces held together with nails, screws or mortar. A reinforced concrete wall is a one piece “Solid Wall” system that is many times stronger and provides a massive solid barrier of protection for a home. Insulation can be applied to the surface of the wall to provide and uninterrupted envelope around the home. We also offer the benefits of insulated concrete roof systems.

2. What is the cost-benefit of choosing poured concrete over concrete blocks in the foundation of my home?

For about the same price you can have a one piece “Solid Wall” foundation that is much stronger. The anchors that attach the house to the foundation are much stronger when embedded in a concrete wall.

3. Can you compare and contrast the difference between poured concrete walls and concrete block walls?

A concrete wall is a stronger one piece solid wall that is much easier to waterproof because it is not hollow. A concrete block wall is made of hundreds of hollow porous pieces held together with mortar.

4. Why is poured concrete important for a home that is in a high risk zone for hurricanes?

Built to withstand wind and rain concrete homes are a natural fit for high risk areas. For homes threatened by storm surge reinforced concrete columns and beam are definitely the best protection.

5. What makes a home hurricane resistant?

A hurricane resistant home is designed to withstand strong winds, flooding and wind driven rain.

6. What services does Gulf coast Poured Concrete Walls offer?

We offer design consultation and the construction of the entire concrete structure. This includes excavation, footings, walls, columns and beams along with basement waterproofing and drainage systems.