Gulf Coast Poured Concrete Walls (GCPCW) is a family-owned concrete construction company that takes pride in laying the strong foundations that make hurricane resistant homes possible in Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana.

John Sr., John Jr., and Dan Hess each have over 30 years experience in the concrete wall business. The Hess family started out as concrete contractors in Southern Illinois and headed south to help people who had lost their homes to Hurricane Katrina. After the Hurricanes and tropical storms that beat on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico in summer and fall of 2005, the Hess family saw the opportunity to bring the strength and quality of poured concrete walls to the Gulf States of Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana to help in the rebuilding process.

They saw an immediate need for Gulf Coast Poured Concrete Walls as no other company provided a full-service package for basement and foundation construction to create homes and buildings designed to withstand all elements of weather and provide people with energy efficient hurricane resistant homes. Due to the great response to their building efforts and techniques of constructing poured concrete walls, John and Dan formed Gulf Coast Poured Concrete Walls to help those in need of stronger homes. GCPCW brought to the Gulf Coast a new technology of construction that gave homeowners a sense of safety and peace of mind.

With the advantages of poured concrete walls and the efficiency of their construction process,  Gulf Coast Poured Concrete Walls hopes to team up with builders who make it a priority that their customers save on the escalating energy costs and insurance costs, while providing safe, secure, hurricane resistant homes for the Gulf Coast.

GCPCW is built around quality and customer service. Everyone that works with GCPCW,  contractors and customers alike, agree that this quality sets them apart from other construction companies. Building homes and structures that last hundreds of years, GCPCW uses a system proven to be more durable and stronger than any other. “There’s a satisfaction that comes in being able to give people what they want,” John Hess IV said.